Wilcom Inc.

Line Hosting

Telephone Service with Unique Features

  • Keep Your Existing Telephone Equipment
  • Keep your local telephone numbers
  • Powerful Enterprise Features
  • Reduce Your Monthly Telephone Bill
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Advertise locally anywhere
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Custom Outgoing Caller ID        
  • Fully Customizable Service
  • Multiple Calling Features               
  • Service Types to Fit Your Needs    

      ◦ Analog POTS Lines
      ◦ PRI

      ◦ SIP

Total System Hosting 

Telephones, Equipment and Monthly Phone Service in One Package

  • Great for Multiple Locations 

      ◦ Extension to Extension calling and                     transfer
      ◦ Paging Between Locations
      ◦ Common Answering Positions
      ◦ Better Use of Staff

  •  Complete Disaster Recovery  
  •  Very cost effective with low startup cost   
  •  Telephone Switching Equipment is Off-Site        in a Secure, Protected Location.
  • No Busy Signals
  • System Features 

      ◦ Call Transfer
      ◦ Conference Calling
      ◦ Auto Attendant
      ◦ Group Ringing
      ◦ Day/ Night Mode
      ◦ Voice Mail to Email
      ◦ Fax to Email
      ◦ Paging

      ◦ Intercom Service
      ◦ Speed Dialing
      ◦ Find me/ Follow Me

Quality Hosted Communication with a Personal Touch

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is becoming widely accepted as the system of choice for most companies. The limitations for VoIP have been greatly reduced with the development of SIP(session initiation protocol) technology. SIP allows calls to come to your business over the internet from any local calling area you may want to be in. Also with the availability of high speed internet connections in today's environment, a lot of the problems associated with VoIP are no longer a concern. If you talk on a telephone today, at some point your conversation is going over VoIP whether you know it or not. Communication Concepts utilizes many different aspects of VoIP technology. With our VoIP Hosting service, we are able to provide your company with reliable telephone service, disaster recovery, lower costs, and more features than most any other provider. Call today and see how this service could benefit your business.


• Immediate contact with someone who cares and speaks English should you have problems
• 24/7 Monitoring of Service Status