Wilcom Inc.


Repair Service

       We know that voice and data communication is essential to all businesses. Communication Concepts' number one commitment is ensuring exceptional support. Our certified technicians can be on your site or remotely repair and support your system. We are one of the few telecommunication companies that deal with the whole realm of the telephone industry. Isolation of a service issue or problem requires knowledgeable staff. Knowing how to contact and who to work with to correct the problem requires experience. Pursuing the problem to resolution takes customer dedication and unlimited persistence. When other companies will just point their finger to another provider's problem and leave you to deal with them, Communication Concepts takes pride in their ability to solve the issue wherever it may be. Send us your hard-to-solve, ongoing, complex problems and see the difference in the results.

What we can provide

  • Repair service, parts and maintenance for most brands of telephone systems and equipment.
  • Move, changes, and expansion of existing equipment.
  • Quality service by friendly, knowledgeable technicians.
  • Prompt and Dependable dispatch 24/7
  • Programming and Troubleshooting
  • Remote Support and Repair
  • System Status Monitoring

Our expertise

       We have been around for over 30 years and have worked on just about every level of telephone technology that has been introduced from 1A2 key systems, analog key systems, digital key systems, hybrid and digital PBX, cloud based VoIP and onsite Voip. More than likely, the unique part you need could be right here in our warehouse.