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         Quality installation of Data Network Wiring is the backbone of any data network. Without good wiring, your IT department can spend countless, unnecessary hours working on problems that boil down to bad or intermittent connections, EMI (electro magnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference) problems, crosstalk, and distance-related problems. These problems do not exist when your Communication Concepts data network cabling has been installed by factory-certified installers and tested with the proper scanning testers.

Benefits of a Certified Network

          For a cable drop to be certified it must pass all of the tests that IEEE sets for that particular cable type. Each type of cable, Category (Cat) 5, 5e, and 6 which are the most common, have their own set of standardized quality test. Communication Concepts utilizes network scanners manufactured by Fluke which are rated as the best in the industry for their testing and troubleshooting ability. These testers allow the technicians to bring each individual cable drop live and run data across it to the absolute limit of that cable type's specification.  As it does this, it analyzes all aspects of the data flow, measures the length of the cable, checks for bad or wrong connections, test for cross talk, and interference and performs all of the testing that IEEE requires.

         Neatness and labeling, as well as drawings of wiring layout and frames (where your cables terminate), play a vital role in troubleshooting network problems. Communication Concepts is dedicated to making you proud of your equipment room. Before we consider that an installation is complete, it is tested, all labeling checked and recorded, everything is tied down and secure, the work area is clean, all test results are furnished and saved on our servers, and drawings of the network are also provided.

Inspection and Building Codes

       Communication Concepts is a certified, licensed, low voltage electrical contractor. All technicians have been certified through multiple wiring manufacturers to provide a neat, organized, professional installation. All installations are installed to meet the strictest municipal codes, whether codes are enforced or not. We are equipped to handle large installations as well as small office environments.

Underground and Aerial Cabling

      If your site or campus requires aerial or under ground multimedia cabling, Communication Concepts is prepared to provide you with professional design, installation, testing, and maintenance. For short runs, feeding temporary buildings to miles of intra or inter site connectivity Communication Concepts is the one to call to get you connected and keep your network greened up. 


        All Communication Concepts installations are covered under a 10 year parts and labor warranty that is backed by our wiring manufacturer. The warranty covers all hardware as well as network performance

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