Wilcom Inc.


What we are

Communication Concepts is a provider of hosted line and PBX service. We actually operate our own switching equipment and are not reselling this from a third party. Many companies do this and you find out after the sale that you are dealing with someone in another country instead of the person that you met that sold you the service. By providing this type of service we are able to provide a higher quality service with onsite support  that other companies can't provide. 

What we provide

With our service the telephone on your desk, the monthly phone service, and the maintenance are provided. You are not required to purchase expensive phones and the selection of phones we have available can range from basic phones that you would put in the break room to executive phones with video monitoring, video conference capabilities and much more. Most all of our phones will have HD (high definition) sound that makes you feel like you are in the sound room at the Bose outlet store. If there is a specific phone that you have seen it will most likely work on our service and we will be glad to use that brand of phone at your site.

How we do it

When configuring your service we partition a section of one of our large switches just for your company. This allows us to fully customize the programming to meet your specific needs and only work for you. You can get all of the features that you would be able to have if you purchased a system but at only a small fraction of the start up cost. Each customer and each site are unique and there is no cookie cutter set-up that you have to deal with just because that's just the way it works. We provide the programming instead of providing a portal for you to configure the system yourself. This means that a professional that is familiar with our system is there to do the setup and changes. You or your IT person do(es) not have to spend time learning the terminology of telecommunications and experimenting to maybe never get what you expected. Our engineers and customer service are always just a phone call, email or text away. Although we have phones operation as far away as Malaysia and Belgium we work hard to add the personal touch to all installations and customer service. We strive to make the service work for you and we aren't satisfied or finished until everything is right. 

How we are different

Installation of your systemis time consuming. Firewalls can cause many problems and usually need to be programmed to allow the phones to work. The phones also have to have power from either a power brick or more reliable POE (power over Ethernet) switch which would need to be installed. Trashy internet connections cause problems and there is a long list of things that you can run into at your site that will keep your hosted phones from not reaching their potential or gaining your satisfaction. Most Hosted VoIP providers will ship the telephones to you. The installation is usually left to your IT person to get all the phones hooked up and registering correctly and all the other things involved working correctly. Communication Concepts takes pride in the installation of your system. Each internet connection is tested for days prior to the installation. We will work with your provider to resolve the issues and can perform any needed modifications to the network, firewall, switches or wiring. This type of on-site support does not stop when the phones are installed.

Overhead paging is something that most providers will not even want to talk about, but is necessary in plant environments. We do provide interfaces and installation of overhead paging.

Trainingis an important part of how well the system will work. Most companies will tell you to look on a web portal or they will email you some instructions for the phones. Communication Concepts provides group and individual training at start-up and help is always just a phone call, email or text away.

Personal Touch ​provided by highly knowledgeable personnel means that you can always contact us by text, email or telephone to ask questions, make changes or just get suggestions on making your system work better for you.